Current Productions


The John Bishop Show (ITV)

John Bishop comes to Saturday night on ITV.


 Executive Producers: Graham Stuart, Luke Shiach, John Bishop and Lisa   Thomas

 Co-produced by So Television and Lola TV

 ITV - 2021-2022




The Graham Norton Show - Series 29

The Graham Norton Show returns for its 29th series


 Series Producer: Jon Magnusson

 Executive Producer: Graham Stuart

 BBC ONE - 2021-2022




Billie Eilish: Up Close (BBC)

Clara Amfo goes to LA to meet global music phenomenon Billie Eilish.


 Executive Producers: Graham Stuart and Andy Rowe





Idris Elba Meets Paul McCartney (BBC)

Two huge stars collide...


Executive Producers: Graham Stuart, Dylan Jones and Andy Rowe

In association with BBC Music




Memory Lane (ITV)

Jennifer Saunders drives a star on a trip of their lifetime in her E Type. Featuring Michael Sheen.


 Series Producer: Andy Rowe

 Executive Producers: Andrew Higgie and Graham Stuart

 A SO Television/Illuminated Manuscript production