Graham Norton meets Kylie Minogue, Stephen Graham, David Mitchell, Mawaan Rizwan and Mae Muller

On the first show of his 31st series (29th September), Graham welcomes queen of pop Kylie Minogue, actor Stephen Graham, actor and writer David Mitchell, comedian Mawaan Rizwan, and singer-songwriter Mae Muller.

Kylie Minogue reveals what she would tell her younger self, Stephen Graham says how proud he is of his new series, David Mitchell talks about his love of terrible monarchs, Mawaan Rizwan says his success is ‘nuts,’ and Mae Muller performs live in the studio.

Kylie and Maawan kick off the show with a Padam Padam dance.

Asked about the dance going viral, Kylie says, “It as wild. I wasn’t expecting that, and it was utterly thrilling to watch it unfold in front of me day by day.  It was brilliant and so much fun.”

Talking about her latest album Tension, and her dislike of recording studios, she says, “I like to record myself.  You can record a song anywhere.  In Lockdown we had no choice and I had to learn to self-record but now I love it.  I drag my kit around to all sorts of places and have even sent stuff from the bath or the back of a cab!”

Talking about her new songs getting a huge reaction from audiences, she says, “It is so invigorating, and I am thrilled.  It is such an  exciting time, it’s a kind of  a ‘pinch me’ moment.  I am loving it.”

Asked about how fame affected her when she was young, she says, “I am asked a lot these days about what I what would say to my younger self.  I get quite emotional when I think about letting her know that she is not alone and what she is thinking is okay because it’s not all ‘water off a duck’s back.’  I did sometimes end up in dark places, but I turned to my family.  I don’t know how different it would be if it was today with social media – it is very hard to shut yourself off from voices, critics, and your own thoughts.”   

On living in Australia now, she says, “It is great being back with my family, and performing with Dannii was one of those ‘unicorn moments.’”

Stephen, talking about the new tv series of his acclaimed restaurant-kitchen drama Boiling Point, says, “It is one of the finest things I have been part of.”

Asked about producing the series, he says, “There is not enough working-class drama on our screens and with our own production company we’re in a position to make that happen.”  Adding, “This time I am not front and centre because we wanted to give others their moment in the sun.”

David, talking about Unruly, his new book on the history of English royalty, says, “I love history and I love kings and queens.  I am particularly interested in the a-holes in crowns that did dreadful things that really weren’t very funny at the time, but because they happened so long ago, we can now laugh at them.”

Asked about Peep Show first airing 20 years ago, and asked if there might be a special, he says, “No, we are not organising an event. I am very proud of it, but having made it so long ago it reminds me of my own mortality!”

Mawaan, talking about his sitcom Juice, which he wrote and stars in, says, “It wasn’t easy to communicate such a surreal vision, but the live show had worked so I thought it work on telly.” 

Talking about fame, he says, “It is intense, a real transition.  I did a scene with my mum and brother and it was emotional, I just couldn’t believe it – it was nuts given where we had come from.”

Giving him some advice, Kylie says, “It is a job, and you need friends and family to keep it real.”

Asked about his collection of silly walks, Mawaan demonstrates one before roping Graham and Kylie in.

Mae Muller performs her current single Me, Myself & I live in the studio before joining Graham for a chat about her new album Sorry I’m Late, and Eurovision.

Asked how big a deal Eurovision was for her, she says, “It was interesting!  It was a weird situation because it was such an amazing time.  Thank goodness the album was ready to go. I was so busy and poured all my energy into it and I am very proud of it.”

And finally, Graham pulls the lever on more foolhardy audience members brave enough sit in the world-famous red chair to tell their funniest stories.

The Graham Norton Show, BBC One, Friday 29th September 10.40pm. Also available on BBC iPlayer.

Notes to editors – All quotes in this release were made during the recording of the show but won’t necessarily appear in the final version.

Next week (5th October) Graham’s guests include Bernie Taupin, Catherine Tate, Bill Bailey, Ashley Walters, and Christine and the Queens. 

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29th September 2023