Graham Norton meets Jamie Dornan, Sophie Okonedo, James Norton, Siobhán McSweeney and Lewis Capaldi

On the first show of the new year (6th January), Graham welcomes The Tourist and Belfast star Jamie Dornan, Happy Valley actor James Norton, Oscar nominated Sophie Okonedo, actor and presenter Siobhán McSweeney, and chart-topping singer Lewis Capaldi.

Jamie Dornan says he was intimidated by Kenneth Branagh’s facial hair, Sophie Okonedo talks about her acting nerves, James Norton says he misses Tommy Lee Royce, Siobhán McSweeney talks about being a superhero, and Lewis Capaldi performs live in the studio.

Jamie, talking about the critically acclaimed series The Tourist, the BBC’s most watched drama of 2022, says, “Hopefully you entice people to watch it but when it gets a lot of attention it’s a bonus, it is really nice.” 

Talking about acting opposite Kenneth Branagh in their new film A Haunting of Venice rather than being directed by him, Jamie says, “It was very different doing scenes with him.”  Adding jokingly, “I felt very insecure and inferior the whole time because his moustache was unbelievable, the best in film history as Poirot, while mine was a wee attempt at one.”

Asked about also being reunited with his young Belfast co-star Jude Hill, he says, “I love that boy so much.  Even though he is now a star he is still the sweetest kid.”

Sophie, talking about her return to the West End in Medea, and asked if theatre is her first love, she says, “I like it all, but I couldn’t imagine being an actor and not doing theatre. There is something magical that happens when you have an audience, but I am terribly nervous and ask myself every day, ‘Why the hell are you doing this?’  I will be so nervous for every single show we do until we finish and then at the end of it, I’m like, ‘That was great, when’s the next one!’”

James, talking about the final series of Happy Valley and the great response it has had, says, “It is a huge relief that people like it – after seven years there was no guarantee that anyone would want to see it.”

Asked about Tommy’s ‘Messiah’ look in the new series he says, “Sally (Wainwright) knows the look she wants for him, and it is bold.  I loved having long hair – it was fun, and I found myself hanging out in the mousse section of Boots.  I also have a weird number of clips of me and ‘Pantene’ moments!”

Asked if he is sad that as the series comes to an end he won’t have to inhabit Tommy again, he says “He is a despicable monster, but he became really enticing, a sort of weird distant friend that you love seeing.  I loved playing him and I miss him and the show.”

Talking about his new play A Little Life, he says, “It is three and half hours long. I love theatre but have the exact same trepidation as Sophie and this particular role is the scariest thing I have done in my life, it’s terrifying.”

Siobhán chats about upcoming sci-fi comedy Extraordinary, says, “It is about superheroes but not in Lycra.  They are the funniest scrips I have read since Derry Girls.  When I heard it was for Disney, I thought it was for the kids – it is brilliant but definitely not for children!”

Lewis performs Pointless live in the studio, before joining Graham for a chat.

And finally, Graham pulls the lever on more foolhardy audience members brave enough sit in the world-famous red chair to tell their funniest stories.

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Notes to editors – All quotes in this release were made during the recording of the show but won’t necessarily appear in the final version.

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6th January 2023