Graham Norton meets Cate Blanchett, Margot Robbie, Beverley Knight, Alan Carr and RAYE

On tonight’s show (13th January), Graham welcomes double Oscar-winner Cate Blanchett, actor and producer Margot Robbie, singer and West End star Beverley Knight, top comic Alan Carr, and singer songwriter RAYE.

Cate Blanchett says conducting an orchestra was lifechanging, Margot Robbie describes Babylon as a wild ride, Beverley Knight says Sylvia is wonderful, Alan Carr jokes about his DIY skills, and RAYE performs live in the studio.

Cate, talking about her critically acclaimed performance in Tár, and asked why she wanted the role, says, “It is a great story about cancel culture, but it was to work with Todd Field.  It’s been 16 years since he made a movie, and he is a master director and makes extraordinary films.  And, to stand in front of an orchestra and conduct them – it’s not often you get to do that stuff.”

Asked more about conducting, she says, “It was absolutely terrifying and not something I thought I would ever be asked to do.  It was lifechanging and an unforgettable experience.”  And of the upcoming album of the film, she says, “It’s the album Lydia Tár never got to make. It’s amazing.”

Margot, talking about Damien Chazelle’s epic Hollywood drama Babylon, says, “It was a wild ride.  There were amazing set pieces, including a party scene that took two weeks to shoot.  Every part of it was insane and the stress levels were terrifying because there was so much going on and I didn’t want to be the one to mess it up.”

Asked about the upcoming Barbie film, Margot says, “You don’t know what to expect.  It is great and very funny.”

Beverley Knight, talking about her return to the stage as suffragette leader Emmeline Pankhurst in Sylvia, says, “It is a wonderful story about complex women and is sharp, slick and moves so fast.  It is great.”

Asked if she dances as well as sings in the show, she jokes, “I do a lot of ‘armography.’ I don’t dance because the level is way beyond my capability.”

Alan, talking about renovating a Sicilian house bought for one euro in the new BBC show The Italian Job, says, “It was proper hands on, I had all the tools and everything, but I am not handy at all, and I don’t know now if it’s worth a euro!  The fun thing was nobody knew who we were so when we went out people thought we were husband and wife, and that Amanda (Holden) was a poor deluded woman!”

Asked about his upcoming autobiographical sitcom Changing Ends, he says, “It’s very emotional for me because it is so personal.  Seeing people cast as my family is interesting and weird.” Adding jokingly, “It was like cheap therapy!”

RAYE performs her current single Thrill Is Gone live in the studio before joining Graham for a chat.

Chatting about her debut album, she says, “It was 10 years in the making.  I have waited so long and worked so hard for it.  It’s amazing.”

And finally, Graham pulls the lever on more foolhardy audience members brave enough sit in the world-famous red chair to tell their funniest stories.

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Notes to editors – All quotes in this release were made during the recording of the show but won’t necessarily appear in the final version.

Next week (20th January) Graham’s guests include Michelle Williams, Helena Bonham Carter, Russell T Davies, Oti Mabuse, and Brendan Fraser.

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13th January 2023