Graham Norton meets Kristin Scott Thomas, George Takei, Claudia Winkleman, Jamie Oliver and First Aid Kit

On the show tonight (2nd December), Graham welcomes Oscar-nominated Dame Kristin Scott Thomas, Star Trek legend George Takei, Strictly host Claudia Winkleman, celebrity chef and campaigner Jamie Oliver, and Swedish Folk duo First Aid Kit.

Kristin Scott Thomas says action scenes are not for her, George Takei vows never to talk about William Shatner ever again, Claudia Winkleman talks about being mean, Jamie Oliver says how lucky he is, and First Aid Kit perform live in the studio.

Kristin, talking about season two of the spy thriller Slow Horses, and asked why she does so little TV work, says, “I did quite a bit in my youth but I haven’t done so much recently.  Slow Horses was irresistible.  It’s funny and very clever.

“I find TV quite challenging – because I’m not in it all the time I always feel like the new girl.  You do a day and just as you get into a rhythm it’s ripped away and they forget all about you.  When you come back six weeks later it starts all over again. It is quite tricky and you have to so many different plot lines, shot in different order, it’s completely muddling and difficult for me.”

Asked about the action scenes and whether she trains for them, she says, “Oh please, I wear high heels, I walk across rooms looking mysterious, but I don’t do guns and things like that.  It’s just not in my repertoire. It’s a pity I know.”

George, talking about the West End musical George Takei’s Allegiance, which is based on his childhood experience of internment in World War II, say, “When Pearl Harbour was bombed, racism and war hysteria swept through the country and Japanese Americans were abused, rounded up and arrested.  It was a horrible time and it’s seared into my brain.” 

Asked about Star Trek and its beginnings, George says, “After the pilot episode, I was asked what I thought and I said that I didn’t think it would sell or be a lasting  show because I smelt quality – I loved the scripts, everyone was great, it was a great idea – and every time I saw a show I really love it only lasted one season.  How wrong I was!”

Talking more about the show and asked if it is true that he and William Shatner do not get on, he says, “You are the last chat show host to be allowed to ask that question as it has become so tiresome to talk about.  When Bill has a book to sell he needs publicity and accuses us of using him.  My subject is more substantial and important.  He is a cantankerous old man and I will not talk about him anymore.  I vow that this is the very last time I talk about him.”

Claudia, talking about her new reality game show The Traitors, she says, “I initially said no but then watched the Dutch version and I wept.  I loved it so much and said, ‘Please let me do it.’  I was so lucky to do it.”

Asked about being mean in this series, she says, “I am not always mean but I did have to do something at the beginning that I felt very uncomfortable with.  I loved them all but I knew too much about everyone so had to stay separate from them all.”

Jamie, talking about his new cookbook One: Simple One-Pan Wonders and reminded that it is his 26th, he says, “It’s been a long time.  I’ve been so lucky and never run out of ideas but I do have to think what the public wants and that changes quite a lot. So much has changed in the last 25 years.  I do all the hard work so it’s easy for everyone else.” Adding jokingly, “This book is devoted to those with a hatred of washing up!” 

First Aid Kit perform their current single Out of My Head live in the studio, before joining Graham for a chat.

And finally, Graham pulls the lever on more foolhardy audience members brave enough sit in the world famous red chair to tell their funniest stories.

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Notes to editors – All quotes in this release were made during the recording of the show but won’t necessarily appear in the final version.

Next week (9th December) Graham’s guests include Kate Winslet, Sir Lenny Henry, Nadiya Hussain, Jack Whitehall, and Olly Murs.

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2nd December 2022